Sunday, August 5, 2012

August 4: The Real Last Day

When I first walked into work I asked the boss where I am going to be.

I was going back to the Preview Center. I thought I'd ask why I am always in the Preview Center. I was told that I was the only person who could make the Preview Center more interesting. It also helps that I get the most foot traffic and good donations.

When I get set up in the Preview Center, another co-worker came in and gave me a suggestion (this is the same guy that beat my donation). He said that I should keep the donation box so people will be a bit more open to give. BRILLIANT!!

I got say that on my last day the time really flew by. And as it turns out keeping the donation box made people more willing to acknowledge. I ended the day with $12 (talk about full circle).

I really gotta say that this internship experience has been fantastic. I was really lucky to get an internship in my home town and something that was correlated with one of my passions.

The blogging thing has been fun also.
Thanks everybody!

Saturday, August 4, 2012

August 3: Last Day in the Office

As the title suggests it was my last day in the office as the intern (I do have to be a gallery attendant the next day though, probably Preview Center). It was also Lauren's last day in the museum (she was my original contact for getting this internship). Lauren was the Administrative Assistant so she was an important player in making the museum run smooth. 

When I first get to work, I'm asked to sign a card for Lauren while she isn't looking. There was also going to be a surprise lunch party for her as well. I spend the morning doing small stuff and looking for things to do but everyone was busy training the person and rearranging the office.

The surprise lunch party for Lauren was a success and we all sang "For she's a jolly good fellow". Afterwards they turned their attention to me and sang to me as well since it was my last day. I also got a good bye card to my surprise. 
(we had chicken and shrimp tacos for the party, good Mexican food is a treat especially since there isn't much good Mexican food in Chicago).

After lunch, I did some product order filing. 
The next job was a bit more unique, I had to catalog old quarterly news letters according to their date. It was interesting to see all the different things that the museum had done in the past. 

At one point the museum hosted the tall ship Lady Washington, to those who don't know this ship played the role of the Interceptor in the Pirates of the Caribbean: Curse of the Black Pearl

July 28: Preview Center (I'm running out of clever titles)

I can't really say that too much happened this Saturday.

Although one of the passer-byes was a kid from my high school. It was an extremely short conversation.

Donation amount: $5

I think I've lost my magic but I still have one more week left. Maybe my luck will change.

Saturday, July 28, 2012

July 27: No Distractions

After last week's telemarketing experience I had to finish my third script. I came to work with a mission, I was going to start and finish this because that is what I am there to do.

I crack open the book and started reading. Unlike the other two scripts, it was much easier to do research on one person rather than a made up person. The person in question was Captain David Porter of the USS Essex.

I hit a real home run with the book that I got. It also focused on the foundations of America's Navy, which an origin story more presentable. I finished my research and script with an hour to spare!

Once I was finished I did contact updates on the computer system. I finished that as well before the day was over.

Overall, extremely productive day and I was proud of the work I did.

July 20: Telemarketing

Now that I have two scripts completed it's time to get to work on the third. I stopped by the library before work to pick up a book that I put on reserve. While I was waiting for the library to open I met a lady who talking to me about the differences between East and West Coast. It was a strange and interesting conversation but I got my book and headed to the museum.

I crack open the book, which is about the USS Essex, and the boss asks me if I can do something else for her. Without thinking I say "What do you need me to do?". I am handed a list of people and phone numbers.

I am supposed to call these numbers as a follow up to the membership letters that I sent out a couple weeks ago. Calling all these numbers was a truly daunting task; I have no idea how telemarketers can do this day in and day out.

I don't know how many phone numbers I called but I only got one person who wanted to renew their membership immediately. I did however get many people who flat out refused and they often gave me an explanation as to why. Many of these didn't believe in the direction that the museum was heading (less focus on nautical history). One person said that the new building would obstruct their view. Go figure.

I didn't get much research done but I did get to experience a completely different side of what it takes to make a museum function.

July 14: Having Some Fun in Preview Center

When I opened the sliding glass door, I pushed a bit too hard and discovered that the door opens more than I originally thought. I asked Sara if I could keep open so I could have a view of the fun zone and harbor.
The answer: "No".

I gotta say that this one of the slowest days I have ever experienced.

 UNTIL a group of girls came through asking if they could take pictures of what we have. I said of course and asked what they were planning. They were preparing for a scavenger hunt within the harbor and wanted to use the museum as a stop. I give them a quick tour so they could pick out things that they wanted to use. They eventually picked the octant that we have on display and the submarine display.

Two hours later, the scavenger hunt must have started and I had several groups come in and ask if I knew where an octant. I usually pointed to it because it sits near my desk. Having all these different groups come in looking for stuff was pretty cool.

And donations are still low...

July 13: Family Fun Zone Friday

As promised I did in fact buy a costume for the whaler the day before.

I show up to work on time only to find that no one is here. So I decided to walk around the fun zone, it was interesting for me to see all the different shops get ready for the Friday rush. Eventually one of the other employees let me in and I started reading over the script. Even though I did the research and wrote it, I read over it a lot.

The boss comes in and tells me that they a costume ready to go for me. I have to admit the one they picked out was a lot better looking than the one I got. To my pleasant surprise I also learned that were other props for me to use: two different kinds of harpoons (one flu and toggle) and a real whale skull! It was a minke whale skull, a minke whale is the second smallest baleen whale. And that skull was heavy!

I spent the day doing some basic work while reading over the script. I also found pictures of whales and whaling ships on the web to help people get a better visual of what whaling might be like.

It turns out that the whole Family Fun Zone Friday was a big deal. There were lots of volunteers, games, a magician, and a juggler. It drew a pretty big crowd but the most interesting thing was a tv crew talking to people about the event.

Eventually they interviewed me. I should have the link below (I believe 7min is where my interview starts)

I like to think I did a good job. And it proved to me that I am doing something beneficial for the museum.